Adaptive State Estimation of UAV Information Physical System Under Network Attack

Yuejuan Huang


with the idea of information physics system put forward, governments, enterprises and scientific research in-stitutions have joined the research and construction of information physics system. The construction and development of information physics system is bound to be restricted by the security and privacy of information physical system, which provides theoretical reference for clearing the current security threats of information physical system and providing theoretical reference for the security and privacy protection of information physical system. UAV is an intelligent infor-mation physics system which relies on ground communication and flight control system to realize autonomous flight. The concept of IT system was first proposed by NASA in 1992. As a new intelligent system, UAV has emerged and is widely used. It is a complex system of computing, network and physical entity integration and deep cooperation. Thus, the real-time perception, dynamic control and information service of large physical system and information system can be achieved.


Network attack, UAV Information Physics System, Adaptive state estimation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/inm.v4i1.449


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