Application of Cloud Computing in Telecom Operators

Wenhao Zhou, Yongbing Xiao, Yulan Shen


The emergence of cloud computing has brought great changes to the internet. The changes occur due to the eff ective use of idle resources and more importantly, it is the results of Google, Amazon and other major internet companies to change the desktop form for the PC core software. Firstly, cloud computing can be the development of Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, and Grid Computing. It can make full use of the Internet's computing resources to provide users with on-demand services. Cloud computing, although from the Internet, but in a long run, we can notice that there is no one type of business other than telecom operators that could be more conducive to develop a complete chain from user end to the internet and to computing. With the introduction of 3G and reorganization of China's telecom operators, operators can build a highly integrated cloud computing chain and its user base and infrastructure construction become obvious advantages for continuous development. As to how to develop the telecom operators and how to establish their own specialty and improvement, is an urgent problem to be solved. Based on the current situation of cloud computing and cloud computing of telecom operators in China, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of telecom operators 'development of cloud computing by studying the strategy and development of telecom operators' cloud computing in China and abroad. This paper also discuss the insights and proposals to the changes, countermeasure, and strategies towards cloud computing development by telecom operators, in the hope of contributing to the development of China’s cloud computing industry.


cloud computing , telecom operators, development strategy, business model

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