The development of ancient Chinese contract spirit

  • Wenhua Zeng
  • Leyao Fu
  • Jiali Chen
Keywords: Chinese contract spirit, Historical developments, Connotation


This paper expounds the development of Chinese contract spiritby the thread of historical development. From the "people have private contract like law" in Han Dynasty to the " People's private agreements should be complied with by both parties " in Gaochang, the following concepts of " The government has its own political and legal laws, and the private economic exchanges are subject to the private contract " in Tang Dynasty, all of these show that people always stick to the spirit of contract in ancient China, even deepened into our national spirit. This spirit of contract not only embodies in the existing large amount of historical relics, but also shows in literary works. Then, with the development of commodity economy in ancient Chinese society, the spirit of contract in China has also developed continuously, becoming the consciousness that everyone must follow.


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