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Bai, Yutong, North China University of Science and Technology (China)


Cao, Changxin, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Wuhan Textile University (China)
Cao, Jinghui, Jiangsu Academy of Drama and Literature (China)
Chen, Jiali
Chen, Wanru, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics Dongfang College (China)
Chen, Yang, Law School of Shandong University of Technology (China)
Chen, Yu (China)
Chen, Yuxue, China West Normal UniversityChina West Normal University (China)
Chen, Zhao, BeiJing Forestry University (China)
Ching, Pang Jee, SEGi University
Cui, Can, School of Marxism, Linyi University (China)
Cui, Lijie, QingDao University College of Politics and Public Administration International relations (China)
Cui, Menghan, City University of Macau (China)


Deng, Yunya, Dongguan Polytechnic (China)
Ding, Caiyun, University of Pompeu Fabra (China)
Dong, Liye, Shaanxi Normal University School of Philosophy (China)
Dong, Weikang, The University of Sydney Business School (China)
Dong, YuJie, Jiangsu Ocean Univercity the School of Foreign Languages (China)


Fan, Huiqi, Hangzhou Normal University (China)
Fan, Sijia, Hangzhou Normal University (China)
Fan, Xiaoqian, School of Marxism, Jiangsu University (China)
Fang, Junlong
Fang, Shenghao, University of Nottingham (China)
Feng, Ningning, Tianjin University of Commerce (China)
Fu, Leyao

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